Product image editing


Picture play an important role in a customer’s purchasing decision, especially in the online sales era. Photographers always need to work hard to compete in this market. One of the most important and time consuming elements of the photography process is product image editing. To help photographers save time and budget, as well as bring the best image quality, Bcrew offers the following services.
Product image editing price

Clipping Path And Image Background Removal Services

This seems a simple task, but not everyone has enough time and patience to do it well. We do Clipping Path 100% by hand with Photoshop Pen tool to ensure all paths are correct. You will have more time to find new clients, spend time with your family or enjoy your hobbies.

There are 3 levels of Clipping Path and Background removal corresponding to different fees:

Simple level: simple product with few curves as T-shirt, watch, sofa, vase, bottle, computer, etc.





Medium level: many holes & multi-paths images. This list includes motor parts, bracelets, group of things, etc.




Complex level: It is complicated items. It will take much time for product image editing process like group bracelets, group people, furniture, Chain, jewelry, furry doll, etc.

Product image editing Simple clipping path
Medium Clipping Path
Complex clipping path

Color Matching Product Photo Editing

Color matching service, we can change their product color but still keeping the shape of the product the same. Therefore, you will get all the colors of a product without having to shoot it multiple times.
With options for e-commerce sites, this allows customers to compare and choose which product colors they like best to easily make a purchase decision.
Product image editing color matching

Image Masking

Handle hairs or furs in the images always a difficult and time consuming step in photo editing.

Image masking service would be an effective choice to help you removing hair or fur from a particular product or model.

Bcrew team with with long experience will handle them perfectly and quickly.

Product image editing image masking

Neck Joint And Ghost Mannequin Services

Using mannequins instead of models is a cost-effective option that allows customers to see the actual shape of clothes and dresses.
To make things perfect, the neck joint service will remove the mannequin from your product photos.
Shoppers can see the inner side of the mannequin, helping them visualize the product more easily.
Neck Joint Services

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow service will help product photos look nicer and more, also attract customers.

Drop shadow

Multiple Clipping

Multiple clipping allows you to easily change the color of different paths. This requires meticulousness and precision in using the pen tool in Photoshop.

Product image editing Multiple clipping path

If you find what we are offering essential for your business, contact us. We will base on your requirements and quantity to give you the best price.